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Mount Remote Drive with SSHFS

  1. Install the latest stable installer of WinFSP

  2. Install the latest stable installer of SSHFS-Win

  3. Open File Explorer, right-click on This PC and choose Map network drive. Choose a drive to mount at and enter the following in the folder field (replace the options in ALL CAPS with the desired settings):

    • REMUSER is the remote user (i.e. the user on the SSHFS host whose credentials are being used for access; gilmoreg).
    • HOST is the SSHFS host (i.e.
    • PATH is the full remote path to the directory you want access to (i.e. \projects\ctb-akhanf\cfmm-bids\Khan)

    so the full command should look something like:

  4. Ensure you check the box Connect using different credentials if your computer login password is different from the remote host. You may be asked to enter your password in a few times, ensure you select remember my credentials each time if you want to save your login.

  5. You should then see the network drive in your file explorer: