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Installing ITK


Create a build, install and source directory for ITK:

mkdir ~/Downloads/itk_{build,source}

Obtain the newest version of SimpleITK or by running the following:

cd ~/Downloads/itk_source
git clone --recursive .

Run CMake/Make


If you don't have make/cmake, follow the steps in this guide.

Make the build and install directories.

The default install location is /usr/local, which falls on your PATH. This is the easiest location to install. If you want to install somewhere else then specify the path in the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable.

cd ~/Downloads/itk_build
ccmake ~/Downloads/itk_source/SuperBuild

Press 'c' to configure the ITK project, press 'c' again to finalize the configuration. Once the project is correctly configured, press the 'g' key to generate the Makefiles. You can then build and install the project:

make -j4

If the install prefix directory you chose in ccmake is not on your PATH, you will need to add it to your PATH. In order to use ITK in any terminal, you will need to edit your .profile file by adding the following lines:

export PATH={ITKbin}/ITK-build/bin:${PATH}
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH={ITKbin}/ITK-build/lib :${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}